This is Jim... He's your No.1 Customer.

By Todd Sainsbury on October 10, 2016



This is Jim, he’s your No. 1 customer. You know the guy.

Say you’re a cafe owner, he’s the one who:

  • is there every morning for a coffee,
  • he brings people in for meetings,
  • he’s there with his family and friends on the weekend for lunch,
  • he likes your FB posts,
  • ‘checks in’ to facebook with your Wifi,
  • joins your mailing list (and opens your emails),
  • comments on your twitter,
  • post reviews on urbanspoon…

all that good, creditable, ‘word of mouth’ style promotion that money just can’t buy.  

We love Jim.. and Jim loves what you do, because you’re passionate and awesome at it.

Do you know what Jim is really worth to your business?

Let’s crunch some numbers over a month?

In an average mth Jim spends

  • $80 on Coffee 4 per week at $5 each
  • $120 at Business meetings... a bite and coffee each week = $30x4
  • $80 on Lunch with family or friends - 1 per mth

Jim personally spends $280 per mth in your business.

Add to this that Jim is a Super Connected Social media guy

Because Jim is actively talking about your business on social media and to his friend let’s say he also influences 10 new customers that each spend an average of $50 over the month. Jims now worth $780 to your business.

We love Jim. He’s your very own ‘Rockstar’ customer

Imagine if we could replicate Jim? 10 Jims ($7800pm)... or 100 Jims ($78,000)

Where do we find 100 Jim’s?

They are right here... you just need to get to know them better.

That’s where Smartbeat can help.

With the help of some world-first technology we connect retailers to their most valuable customers and put names to the Jims, Janes & Joes that will grow your business.

Find your Superhero customers

Smartbeat connects retailers to customers (Jim’s) using world first technology… some old fashioned conversation and a little bit of Jim love!

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This is Jim

 Your regulars are your most valuable asset.   Let's meet Jim, your Number 1 Customer. 

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