Unsung Hero's

By Todd Sainsbury on January 10, 2017



Let's meet two of your customers,

I’m sure you’ll recognise them, Bob & Jane.

Bob is a regular, he’s friendly, knows all your staff by name,  and you know he spends about $50 per week with you, a good customer & a nice guy.

And Jane? She doesn’t come in as often and you’d say she probably spends $30 a week.

What you don’t know about Jane, is that social media is her ‘thing’. She’s connected. Bob, not so much... he’s a bit old fashioned.

What if you knew that Jane has over 500 friends online who, on a weekly basis, see her check into your business. Or that she’s connected to quite a few of your other customers… and Jane the reason they are your customers.

Jane is your Unsung Hero… But how do you get hold of this information?

Smartbeat (that’s us) automate the process of connecting with and understanding your customers using world-first technology. Jane signs into your WiFi using her facebook and you start a conversation with her and her network, and also reward her for contribution to your business.

Word of mouth is still the best kind of advertising and with social media it becomes even more powerful. However getting even your biggest fans to talk about you can be difficult.

With Smartbeat we can learn from your ‘regulars’ and ‘locals’ how to make your business more Awesome and provide them with opportunities to talk about you. We make it quick and simple so you can spend more time doing your thing and building a genuine customer communty of True Fans.

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This is Jim

 Your regulars are your most valuable asset.   Let's meet Jim, your Number 1 Customer. 

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